WTC Series Twin Tank Water Softener

The WTC Series Twin Tank Water Softener consists of two resin tanks and one brine tank. This set up allows the system to regenerate one tank while the other is in service for continuous water supply. This unit comes with a Demand Regeneration (Metered) Clack valve that includes a convenient bypass valve adaptable to ¾" or 1" and 8-hour battery backup. 

 Twin Tank Water Softener with Metered Clack Valve
Twin Tank water softener with metered clack valve and brine tank
Models Available
Control Valve
Softening Media
Brine Tank Media
Solar Salt (Not Included)
Fiberglass Tank: 10 years
Brine Tank Shell: 5 years
Control Valve & Timer/Motor: 3 years
• Pre-loaded with C-800 high-capacity resin
• Fiberglass tank will not rust
• High-capacity polyethylene brine tank
• Electronic Clack meter control valve
• Bypass valve adjustable to ¾" or 1"
• Safety brine valve in brine tank
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