Acid Neutralizers with 890S Upflow Valve

This non-backwashing Upflow Acid Neutralizer consists of one resin tank with a dome hole fill port. It comes with an in/out 890S upflow head designed for easy, straight line installation.

 Acid Neutralizer with 890S Upflow Valve
Acid Neutralizer unit with 890S Upflow Valve
 Models Available
 Upflow Head   890S
 Neutralizing Media  Calcite and/or Magnesium Oxide (Not Included)
 Literature  WTUPANX Sell Sheet
Fiberglass Tank: 10 years
Upflow Head: 1 year
• Fiberglass tank will not rust, durable design and efficient operation
• In/Out 890S upflow Clack head
• Equipped with upper distributor system to prevent loss of neutralizing media
• Dome hole fill port